Diocesan Pastoral Council

Chaplain: Rev. Fr. A.L. Madela

  1. Judge M. T. Ncube (Chairperson)
  2. Mr. K. Ntombela (Deputy Chairperson)
  3. Mr. Heslop (Secretary)
  4. Dr. F. Heynes (Deputy Secretary)
  5. Mrs. N. Mthiyane (Treasurer)
  6. Miss. Z. Phungula (Additional Member)
  7. Miss. T. Cibane (Additional Member)

Ex Officio Members:  

Rev. Fr. T. P. Mbhele (Vicar General)

Rev. Fr. N.B. Mvelase (Chancellor)

Annual reports

29th Annual General Meeting of Mariannhill Diocese Pastoral Council

Inkulumo kaMhlekazi Pius Dlungwane – State of Mariannhill Diocese (2007-2008)
Inkulumo kaSolwazi Otty Nxumalo


Bishop of Mariannhill Pius Mlungisi Dlungwane officially opened the 29th AGM to a record of more than 60 delegates by rendering an inspiring Mass. Mr. Ray Cele who is the current Chairperson of DPC welcomed all delegates. He then introduced Bishop Dlungwane for the State of Mariannhill Diocese address. The Bishop touched on several issues affecting the Diocese including AIDS/HIV, Small Christian Communities, Catholic schools in the Diocese, community development, spiritual life, and financial standing of the Diocese.

The sodalities and committees gave reports for all the work carried out during the 2007 – 2008 reporting year. Fr T Mbhele gave an inspiring plenary talk entitled " Who is St Paul?" and delegates were also reminded that Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed that from the 29th of June 2008 to the 29th of June 2009 be the year dedicated to St Paul. Another equally interesting plenary talk was given by Prof Otty Nxumalo who related the African culture of sharing/giving to the teachings of the Church. To obtain Prof Nxumalo’s Zulu version speech, press here

The Vision and Mission statements, after deliberations, were amended and officially adopted by the delegates in the presence of the Bishop.
Vision – “To be a self-sufficient and self-reliant church, which shall be able to meet all pastoral needs of the people of God and to fully support the work of Evangelization in the Diocese."

Mission – The Diocesan Pastoral Council commits itself to make every constituent member of the Local Church, which is one indivisible Body of Christ, understand and appreciate their role and that of other constituent members by:

  • affirming the fact that the Pastoral Council is there to support the clergy and the religious by providing various services which support the apostolic and prophetic work of the church.
  • creating a participative church with a view of effective utilization of skills of its members, especially the laity.

The conference adopted the following resolutions:

  • We, the DPC, undertake to intensify the awareness fight against human trafficking and drug abuse starting in our Parishes/Missions to the communities at large.
  • As a matter of urgency, the DPC undertakes to strengthen the fight against AID/HIV in our Parishes by setting up proper functioning structures (Aids Desk and related structures) by engaging the Diocesan Coordinator
    • Strengthening of small Christian communities within Parishes/Missions will lead to addressing the needs of the community – Jail and Hospital visits.
    • Encouraging every Catholic in the Diocese to pay R100 or more per year towards Idwala Lokwalusa.
    • A constitution and a program for the Diocese Youth should be drawn at a Diocesan level.
    • Mariannhill Deanery Imvuselelo should be revived.
    • To observe the year commencing from the 29th June 2008 to the 29th June 2009 as the year dedicated to Saint Paul. Hence the reading of the Bible, Family prayers, and other activities related to the Gospel of Saint Paul are of paramount importance.

The AGM agreed on the following recommendations

  • Catholic educators should be proud of their religion more especially in the school environment.
  • DPC Executive Committee should convene workshops for all Catholic educators in the Diocese of Mariannhill.

The 29th Annual General Meeting was officially closed at 14h00 on the 3rd of May 2008.

Sacred Heart Sodality Report
St Anne Sodality Report
Legion of Mary Report
St Mary Report
Catechetical Report
Ikhwezi Report
Masithuthuke Project Report


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